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4 April 2021

Prometheus: An innovative Tech Transfer Program

“Diamonds” are hidden in drawers in the country’s research institutions and remain unexploited.

Research whose results never reached our lives when they could make them much, much better.

Among them, there could be new cures for diseases, the new WiFi, anything we could imagine. And maybe things we couldn’t.

The reason for that is that researchers have not been trained on how to make their ideas a reality and create products, services, and companies. How to work together to bring us amazing innovations.

With the “Prometheus” program, SciFY, with the support of the US Embassy in Athens and in collaboration with SRI International, trains dozens of researchers from all over Greece in Technology Transfer:

  • how they can make their ideas a reality, develop new products/services, or even start their own company,
  • how to communicate their research to the public in an understandable way,
  • how to leverage Artificial Intelligence.

The program includes workshops, online educational material, mentoring by experienced mentors of international prestige, and much more!

“We often hear that there are great minds in Greece. When we don’t just see the ‘minds’, but the people who can form teams and we give them the right push and support, small miracles can happen”, says Vassilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing and Social Impact Manager of SciFY.
“With this program, we want to unleash the creativity of people who want to move from research to the market.
Researchers who want to create solutions for society that will move us all one step ahead. Researchers from NCSR Demokritos, FORTH, Athena RC, and other institutions, as well as executives of new spin-off companies, will have the opportunity to be trained, and hopefully, they’ll surprise us!”

The program is implemented by the Non-Profit Company Science For You – SciFY, with the support of the US Embassy in Athens.

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