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16 May 2023

International distinction for our initiative “Pioneers for Artificial Intelligence”

Another international distinction for our work!

Our initiative, Pioneers for Artificial Intelligence , was distinguished by UNESCO’s IRCAI in the “100 Top AI projects” contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals!
But why is this distinction important?
Because it highlights how important it is for EVERYONE to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it significantly impacts our lives and work.
With our small forces, years ago, we started sharing the knowledge around AI. With citizens and companies. With scientists and entrepreneurs. With people from STEM and humanities.
We have now helped over 1,500 people learn about AI.
With “Pioneers for AI”, we make education more systematic and focused on innovation.
We will continue finding ways and resources to educate citizens and,
with our amazing partners at the ahedd Digital Innovation Hub of “NCSR Demokritos”, to help businesses become pioneers using Artificial Intelligence.

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